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6 Year Old Boy Call 911 and Saves Pregnant Mom Life After She Collapsed In The Bathroom

As adults, we sometimes underestimate how grown-up some children can be. We forget that they can be easily taught to perform certain tasks, and to respond in emergency situations if needed. They understand, as much as we do, that some events require a more urgent response than others: this is when they are able to rise to the occasion, and prove that they are more mature than their age suggests.

Sawyer Incontro is one of those children whom his mother describes as more mature and adult than others his age. And he had the chance to prove himself when his 6-months-pregnant mother, who has a blood condition, suddenly collapsed on the bathroom floor when they were home alone.

And this was the second time the mom collapsed. The first time, Sawyer called her boyfriend, not knowing what else to do.

Since then, the couple taught the 6-year-old how to call 911, when, and what to say on the phone. They hung the instructions on the fridge, hoping that he wouldn’t have to use them.

The little boy describes the scary ordeal: he says that he heard his mother collapse behind the closed door of the bathroom, and when she didn’t respond, he knew what to do.

Authorities arrived just in time to see Sawyer standing on the front step, waiting for them, phone in hand.

The doctors were able to get to the mother and her unborn daughter in time, and both are doing just fine.

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