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8 Films You Must Watch That Will Rise Your Pulse!!!! How Many Of Them Have You Watched???

The film "Fifty Shades of Grey" had a huge success, because it touched on a taboo. Many people have criticized this movie, considering that it is not worthy of such a big success. There are many different movies in the genre of romance and erotic romance that you haven't seen.

 These films tell about the forbidden relationship, love affairs, cruel love games and sexual relations. This list of films definitely deserves your attention! Call your boyfriend, stock up on popcorn and make yourself comfortable. Here are the sexiest movies that will make your evening unforgettable.

The Piano, 1992 Ada with a small daughter and beloved piano move to New Zealand to her future husband named Stewart. When her husband refuses to bring the piano home, Stewart's neighbor does it. But only if Ada will teach him music. These music lessons made them love each other.

A Royal affair, 2014 Danish king Christian VII is mentally ill, that's why he spends all his free time in whorehouses. Everything changes with the arrival of doctor Struenze: he earns the trust of the king and gets closer to the young Queen Caroline Mathilde. But Queen Juliana Maria doesn't like this turn of events.

The Graduate, 1967 Ben graduates from college and returns home, where he meets a friend of his mother, Mrs. Robinson. This woman falls in love with Ben and involves him in a sexual relationship. Spineless Ben dutifully carries the cross, until he falls in love with Mrs. Robinson’s daughter. When the girl's mother finds out about their love, she gets mad.

Cruel Intentions, 1999 This film tells the story of the spoiled Sebastian, who made a bet with his cruel stepsister. The conditions are as follows: if he seduces an innocent girl, his half-sister will sleep with him. Tie me up.

Tie me down, 1989 Former mental hospital patient Ricky kidnaps drug addict actress Marina in order to create a healthy family. Marina resists and he ties her to the bed. It turns out that Marina is delighted by this rude violence.

In the mood for love, 2000 Su and Chou rent adjoining rooms in a house when they find out that their spouses are cheating on them with each other. Now, what are they supposed to do? Should they get revenge or should they experience the music of the mood of love?

And your mother too, 2001 Two friends looking for a romantic adventure, meet a beautiful Spanish girl and invite her to the island called "Heavenly mouth" in the world where dreams come true. Then the fun begins.

28 Hotel Rooms, 2012 A man and woman first meet in a city of strangers and spend the night together. She is married and he has a girlfriend, but they continue to spend time together. That's the beginning of the relationship that can change their lives.


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