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3 Sexually Dominant Zodiac Signs That Absolutely Love To Be In Charge In Bed!!! Are You One Of Them??

Some people are more dominant than other. They cannot control it; it is just in their character. They like to decide every little thing in their life, and they feel very vulnerable without control.

This need to control everything applies to the bedroom as well. Some people just like to be in charge and having sex with them can be quite exciting. The dominant one gets pleasure out of the power over the other, and the submissive one gets the thrill from obeying to rules…or not.

Find out, if you are in a relationship with a dominant sign or maybe you are the dominant one. Here are the Zodiac signs, that are the most dominant in the bedroom:


Aries has very competitive personality. She likes speed, challenge and of course, winning. In the room, Aries is all about aggressive, sweaty sex. She also likes to try new things and spice up her sex life from time to time. Aries loves physical challenges, so do not get scared about the different poses she has in mind. She can also be quite loud, so keep that in mind when deciding on the place to have sex.


Leo has a natural talent for being a leader. They love to have power and control of the situation, and the same applies to the bedroom as well. Leo is very confident and creative, so sex with her is anything but boring. She is also very straightforward and tells exactly what she likes and what she does not.


Scorpio is very emotional and passionate. When she puts her mind to something, she will finish it 100%. This means that she will give all of herself when having sex as well. Both her body and mind are fully committed, which means a very pleasurable outcome.

Scorpio wants to keep things heated in the bedroom, so she is eager to try new toys, poses and whatever comes to her creative mind. Scorpio also likes the excitement and thrill of getting caught, so she will want to have sex in places it is not the most appropriate. If you are a very calm and steady person, Scorpio is not for you.

Keep those traits in mind, when you are going out with a new person. If you are not used to wild and crazy sex, this might be a bit shocking for you. But these signs like to be in control, so let them dominate over you and make you feel good. Of course, you can play role games and change the power position. Anything that is new excites these Zodiac signs.


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