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7 Things Only Man Who Loves You Desire In Bed…. If He Does No.6 You Must marry Him!!!

Crazy behavior can be expected because of love. A Chinese man has brought 99 iPhones to propose his girlfriend with them. He didn’t get approval, but Apple made a lot of money.


There was a proposal with skydiving too. Your man can do some of these things that show that he likes you.

1. Smooching a lot

It can burn 6.4 calories a minute and the lips are around 100 times more sensitive to stimulations than the tips of the fingers. Your man smooching a lot is a sign that he is very interested. Maybe he wants to avoid cardio in the gym. Showing their woman and their connection can be done in public by smooching. They can have problems with their control and the smooching is a sign of love.

2. Shaking, slapping, squeezing and kissing

It’s not about violence. He probably likes all parts of you, if he likes you. Slapping your ass is a sign of that. It will be grabbed a lot and he will like it.

3. The chest

You are his and he is yours. He putting his head on your chest and in proximity to your heart is a sign that he feels relaxed around you.

4. Activities in the bedroom

You have good activities. Your bedroom will be a place where your man shows how much he likes you. Every night can be a good night. If you are turned on he will become too. You should keep him if he can satisfy you.

5. Perverse fantasies

In any good relationship, the communication is important. He telling you his sick fantasies is a sign that he trusts you. He really loves you if he is willing to open up and be honest with you.

6. He stays after s*x

It can happen a lot of times, that after a good night in your bedroom, the man leaves. The one night stands are hard to represent love. We wouldn’t call them casual meetings if that was different. It means that he loves you if he doesn’t leave and cuddles with you.

7. Good manners


If he allows you to finish before he does, it’s a sign that he appreciates your needs, is good and selfless. It’s rare to find a man like that and it’s needed a long time for them to be found.


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