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Warning: 5 Things You Should Never Do Before Or After Making Love!!! Your Life Is AT Risk!!

There's no age barrier for making love, even if you've crossed the so-called stereotyped age of 40s and beyond. After all, you now know yourself better than anyone and aren't as shy about expressing your desires. But, there are certain mistakes that couple usually does before or after having intercourse.

And they may ruin the experience with your partner. 

1. Don't rush to use a bathroom.

Jennifer Bump, MD, says, You may have heard that you should pee instantly after making love, but a little urine isn't going to create a difference. Don't rush things, snuggle a little. But, if you naturally want to pee, then don't wait.

2. Do not finish the bottle of wine.

Drinking is good, it brings you into the intense mood. But, drinking a lot before intercourse may make it unsatisfactory. 11% of people around the world face problem achieving climax because of their drinking habits.

Men who enjoy intercourse after drinking alcohol take a lot of time to discharge; which hinders their woman from climaxing. 

3. Don't dare to try this position!

After having an incredible lovemaking, it's suggested not to elevate your pelvis. It is said that you should only do that when you want to conceive a baby. Watch out how you lie after making love!

4. Don't forget to take a thorough shower before having intercourse.

If your partner has an uncircumcised manhood, then don't feel shy to ask him to take a thorough shower before he enters you. There are significant chances of bacteria getting transferred to you during the act if he has not cleaned that place.

5. Don't eat too much before or after intercourse.

Eating lots of whole grain, and veggies before making love may give you a gassy stomach. Try this only if you're ready to feel embarrassed in front of your partner. To avoid this situation, make sure you do not eat much at least an hour before intercourse.

Cheryl Iglesia, MD, from Washington D.C, suggests having at least one or two bites of dark chocolate will stir up your mood.



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