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This Is Horrible: 8 Year Old Girl Dies At Hand Of Her 40 Year Husband On Their Wedding Night – Is This Normal???

A child bride aged eight died in Yemen on her wedding night due to internal injuries.

The injuries were the result of a sexual trauma by her husband. The human rights organizations call for the arrest of the man who did this to her, her husband-to-be, who is five times her age.

This event put even more stress to the already existing problem of forced child marriages in the Middle East. A report from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) says that between 2011 and 2020, over 140 million girls will become child brides.

Moreover, of those 140 million girls who will be forced to marry before the age of eighteen, 50 million will be younger than fifteen.

According to some reports, more than a quarter of Yemen’s young girls are married before the age of fifteen. These girls do not have any access to education and health. What is even worse, the child brides are also commonly subjected to physical, emotional and sexual violence in their forced marriages.

In February 2009, in Yemen was made a law that set the minimum age for marriage to be 17. Sadly, some conservative lawmakers called this law un-Islamic and it was repealed as a result.


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