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The Yellowstone Super-Volcano Is Waking Up!! 27 Earthquakes Within 2 Days!! Shocking Video

Is Yellowstone building to an eruption? Is that what will trigger the end times?

Here are some facts as of 6/14/2017 at 3:00 am central time:

It has 2 large magma chambers that are filling up. One is many times more massive than they thought.

Over the past year, the Shoshone River in Yellowstone has been heating up, reaching boiling temperature in places.

There are places around Yellowstone that are smoking that people have never seen smoking before.

There have been over 30 earthquakes in or very near Yellowstone in the past 6 days. 27 of those being within 2 days.

Do a search for Yellowstone changes 2017 and look for an article titled “Yellowstone Eruption 2017?”

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