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Scary Baby Symptoms (That Are Perfectly Normal)- You Must Read this Info Moms


Have you ever made a frantic call to your pediatrician or even rushed your baby to the emergency room only to find out that a worrisome symptom wasn't a problem at all? There's no reason to be embarrassed. As an emergency-room pediatrician and a mother of two, I sympathize with the parents and friends who call me when they want to know if their baby has a problem that warrants a trip to the doctor.

Controlled Crying Study Says It’s OK For Babies – But Is It Really?


From time to time, yet another controlled crying study hits the headlines. It’s a topic which always seems to set social media alight with divided opinion – from parents who sing the praises of controlled crying, and those who express deep concern about this controversial sleep training method. So what does the latest controlled crying study have to say?

All About Baby Allergies- Amazing Info about Soothing and Preventing Allergies


What Is an Allergy?

Parents often don't realize that symptoms such as runny nose, rash, upset stomach, or crankiness can signal an allergy. Instead they chalk these things up to a chronic cold, infant acne, delicate stomach, or just a fussy baby. Most of the time these symptoms -- especially if they're short-lived -- are the result of a cold or another passing ailment. However, in some cases the cause is allergies.