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Tips for easier breastfeeding in the first few weeks with the baby

See the recommendations of experts for the first thirty days after the baby's birth. We start with tips that will help you to properly breastfeed your little ones, while at the same facilitate this process for yourself.

Here's what experts believe is crucial for mothers to nourish their babies the natural way:

Do not be shy to ask someone for help

Stacey Brosnan, a lactation consultant from New York, said it's important to get all possible help and guarantee yourself successful breastfeeding and before the child comes into the world. She advises you to consult with friends whose kids are enjoying in breast milk, and to consult experts and explore all possibilities.

Preparation is the most important for new moms

As soon as the baby's crying, all moms are rushing to feed their children. However, sometimes breastfeeding it takes too long, so we must interrupt the breastfeeding, to go to the bathroom, answer the phone and etc.  Therefore, the New York mom Heather O'Donnell advised that when a baby asks for a breast, moms need to make quick care of their own needs - prepare a book or magazine which will be fun if the breastfeeding takes a long time and to go to the toilet so mom don't became nervous when physiological need surprise her during breastfeeding.

For sore breasts - warm compresses!

If your breasts are enlarged or milk ducts impassable, experts recommend to put warm compresses on them, and our moms often use cabbage leaf. Thanks to these little tricks, lumps will be broken and your baby will get a tasty and nutritious milk!

When are required cold compress?

The heat will help when milk has not flown in a quantity necessary for the baby, but if after breastfeeding you feel breast pain, you need a cold compress.

What if I want to breastfeed and also use a bottle for the baby?

Experts advise that mothers if they want to, they can offer their baby's milk bottle, but not before the third month. On the other hand should not be used baby bottle more than once a day.