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20 amazing changes in the first year of baby's life

The first 12 months of a baby's life are very intense, and many changes in the development are missed even by parents. Pregnancy is a magical experience that lasts nine months, and then, after sometimes "painful" first trimester, mothers generally get used to all the changes that their body undergoes.

However, when your baby is born, his rapid development will marvel you almost every day. The first year is full of milestones - both those that are familiar to us from all kinds of manuals, as well as those who, we are not aware or they are not noticeable.

Here are 20 interesting facts and ways in which your baby is changing and developing during the first year of life:

1. Your love, care and affection are actually the cause of why baby’s brain is growing (which is scientifically proven).

2. Half of the baby sleep in the first year is in so called REM (rapid eye movement) sleep.

3. After six weeks of birth your baby will be able to achieve eye contact.

4. After six months after birth your baby will begin to read lips.

5. Better prepare large stocks of diapers - newborn urinates approximately every 20 minutes, on average this is reduced to every hour until the sixth month.

6. On average babies grow 1.5 to 2.5 centimeters every month.

7. Between the sixth and twelfth month, the pigment (melanin) in the eyes of babies are activated, and their color becomes permanent.

8. The first real smile on the face of your baby will appear somewhere between the fourth and sixth week of birth.

9. Babies are born without kneecaps (actually their kneecaps are much softer). Fully firm kneecaps will be formed until the age of 12.

10. Babies can also breathe and swallow in the same time, until the seventh month.

11. Baby's weight doubles in the first five months of birth.

12. Although many babies cry, they do not produce real tears. Real tears occur between first and third month.

13. Babies are born with about 10,000 taste buds. With time, the half is gone.

14. Until the end of the first year your baby will understand about 70 words.

15. For the baby's brain it is easier to perceive the music than the spoken word.

16. In the first year, baby's heart rate will be 180 per minute than will reduce to 115th

17. With nine months your baby will be able to waving.

18. Until The first birthday, baby’s brain will grow up for 60 percent.

19. Most babies between the third and fourth month lose their hair with which they were born.

20. "The baby talk" will perhaps irritate your friends, but in fact it is another way that you can stimulate your baby's development.