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10 Great Things About Having A Baby Boy

Some mothers-to-be want nothing more than a daughter to call their own. But sons are just as wonderful, loving and sweet as little girls. Baby boys are even more adorable than you can ever imagine!

 So if you are expecting a little boy (or if you’re keeping it a surprise until the birth!), here are 10 great things about being mother to a gorgeous little boy:

Great Things About Having A Little Boy #1: They Love Their Mummies

As his mother, you will be his favourite person in the world. He will be loving, kind and affectionate towards you. People often imagine girls to be the gentler of the sexes, but in fact boys can be ever so affectionate towards their mothers.

Great Things About Having A Little Boy #2: They Are Robust

A quick scan at your local park will probably confirm that little boys are more robust. A trip or fall is usually followed by dusting himself off, and continuing as if nothing happened. You probably won’t be required to run over and fake-amputate his leg each time he grazes his knee.

Great Things About Having A Little Boy #3: Boys Are Easier

Parents who have children of both sexes, often claim that the boys are easier to raise. The reasons vary from less attitude problems to simply less complicated. Though this is a generalisation, it is one of the arguments often put forward by experienced parents as to why boys are awesome.

Great Things About Having A Little Boy #4: The Tiny Grandad Clothes

The tiny cardigans, cords and stripy shirts are adorable. What could be better than taking your newborn baby and dressing him up like his grandad? They even sell tiny sweater vests!

Great Things About Having A Little Boy #5: You’ll Get To Play Rough

All kids love playing rough, but generally little boys love it a little more. You will find yourself wrestling, chasing and chucking around your son most afternoons. He will be a bundle of energy that you’ll run round after to make sure he’s expelled all of his energy before bedtime.

Great Things About Having A Little Boy #6: He’ll Have A Soft Side

Little boys aren’t all mud, worms and wrestling. They’re also soft, sweet and sensitive. Your little boy might cry about little things, love princess stories and dress up as a witch. He will have a soft side that only you see, as he snuggles into bed with you each morning and tells you how much he loves you.

Great Things About Having A Little Boy #7: You Get To Teach Him To Grow Up To Be A Good Man

As his mother, you can make sure he grows up to be a nice young man. You can raise the sort of man that women will never scoff “Men!” about. You can teach him to treat others with respect, to look after people and to consider the consequences of his actions

Great Things About Having A Little Boy #8: You Get To Buy A Peepee Teepee

If you had only daughters, you could travel through your whole life without ever finding out what a peepee teepee is. With a son, however, you will very soon (probably straight after he first pees in your face during a nappy change) realise how valuable these tiny contraptions are.

Great Things About Having A Little Boy #9: Friendships Are Less Complicated

Boys have different friendships to girls. With a son, you may not have to go through the complicated falling outs in the playground, the tears over feeling left out, and the nastiness that can occur. Little boys do fall out, but it tends to be a much less dramatic affair, and be over by the next game of football.

Great Things About Having A Little Boy #10: He’ll Have A Secret World With Daddy

It will sometimes feel like they have their own language, as father and son chat about their shared interests. They may share an interest in sport, or both be passionate about computers, but at times it will feel like a secret world between them. And that’s fine, because it means you get to have a soak in the bath.


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