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When You Consume Turmeric Your Brain Physically Changes – Here Are Some Interesting Facts


Turmeric is often looked at as a sort of ‘miracle’ spice, backed up by the over 600 experimentally confirmed health benefits it has shown. This is largely attributed to curcumin as the primary source of this, but did you know the whole turmeric could actually help with brain regeneration? And it’s not just from curcumin like you might expect!

How Did This Woman Cured Stage 4 Cancer with Only 1 Ingredient – Read And Find Out The Recipe


Many of us try to keep a healthy lifestyle, however there are diseases that thrive inside and surface when we least expect. This article is about the famous children’s book author, Ann Cameron, who wrote more than 15 children’s books. In 2012 she was diagnosed with colon cancer in the third stage and she decided to share her experience. Her secret was one ingredient!