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Get Rid Of This Light Bulbs Immediately – They Can Cause Migraines, Anxiety and Cancer


We have replaced the standard light bulbs, and now we use energy saving bulbs in order to save money. However, these light bulbs are very toxic and there is a special protocol that you must follow if the light bulb breaks. When these light bulbs break a poisonous gas is released. According to studies, broken energy saving light bulb releases 20 times more mercury than it is acceptable for an indoor place.

Fastest and Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Your House Forever


Insecticides we buy mostly have high toxicity and harm to our entire organic garden. But there are home pesticides made from plants such as nettles, lavender, snuff, also with garlic among others that perform the same function. In addition, these home insecticides do not harm the environment nor the health of people and pets ..