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The Best 10 Korean Secrets That Can Help You Look Younger!!!

There is not a single woman on planet who wouldn’t like to look younger than she actually is. While some of use decide to take some radical actions and use the magic power of plastic surgery others tend to solve the matter naturally. 

Have you ever paid attention to the way Korean women look? It seems that they know a secret of eternal youth. And that is partially true. In fact, they know a couple of those and use them daily to always look fresh and young. We have been lucky to discover some of their secrets and we are rushing to share them with you, do not forget to share them with your friends. Unless you want then to look older while you are glowing with youth.

#1 Moisturizing Pretty obvious, but there is something that you do not know. You should apply your moisturizer only after 10 minutes past your shower time.

#2 Hot towel massage This relaxing procedure will help your skin breathe. All you need to do is to apply a soaked in warm water towel onto your face and keep it on for 15 minutes. A light, massaging gestures are allowed too.

3. A procedure which should be carried out in order to set your makeup. After you finish putting your makeup on, cover your face with powder and place your face under the cold water. The velvet touch is granted to your face.

#4 Shaving foam Weird but effective against acne. Keep it on the affected area for 5 minutes and observe the effect. The procedure can be repeated the most twice a week.

#5 Seaweed Nope, we are not gonna eat it! We are going to make a mask out of it, just soak it in warm water and place onto your face. There is nothing better than can help you keep your youth!

#6 Sea salt For those of you who are fighting with various face skin problems, there is a remedy. Just a teaspoon of sea salt dissolved in a glass of warm water will take the problems away. Keep wiping your skin with this mixture until the result completely satisfies you.

#7 Anti-pimple patch Something that can be bought online and that is claimed to be super effective without any negative consequences.

#8 Soy milk Apply soy milk damped gauze pads over your face for 15 minutes, twice a week and enjoy the rejuvenating effect.

#9 Silkworm cocoons These can be bought online too and the magical powers they have are never ending. Massage your face with those for 15 minutes and enjoy all the benefits of healthy skin!

#10 Lemon Last but not least let’s not forget about the power of lemon. In case you need some areas to be lighter – that is exactly what you are going to need.


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