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GMO Potatoes Are All Around You – Here’s How to Know If You Are Eating the NEW GMO Potato


Recently, the USDA approved the first GMO potato for commercial planting in the USA. The potato is created by Simplot, the company that is known as a major supplier to McDonald’s for their French fries. This GMO product is engineered to produce 75% fewer carcinogens when fried or heated. It is also modified not to turn brown for many hours after being cut.

How To Prepare and Eat Papaya Seeds To Detox Your Kidneys, Liver and Digestive Tract


With its sweet taste, a soft, butter-like consistency and musky undertones, it is no wonder why Christopher Columbus described the papaya as “fruit of the angels”. This fruit has a highly nutritional value providing many health benefits. Due to its strong anti-inflammatory properties papaya can be used as a powerful remedy for treating numerous health issues including cancer, blood sugar level, heart disease, wounds, and digestive issues.