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These 10 Tips Can Help You Relief From A Painful Period!!!

If we take into account that menstruation begins at 11 years old and stops in the sixth decade, on average, every woman lives with about 8 years of continuous critical days in their whole life. 


Let's try to live these years in maximum comfort! How to relieve pain during the periods? This is a question that is interesting for many women in the world. Pain during menstruation is the result of excessive contractions of the uterus while displacing the exfoliated mucosa. This is usually associated with an excess of hormone-like substances - prostaglandins, which enhance uterine contraction. The intensity of menstrual pain depends on the amount of prostaglandins. Short and feeble menstrual pains, which do not interfere with normal activities, are normal but 5-10% of women have quite strong pain, leading to a decrease or complete halt of physical activity. Stress and intense emotional experiences can be the causes of menstrual pain. At the same time, during the menstrual period there are marked signs of weakness and irritability.

If you are among the women anxiously waiting for the beginning of her critical days and you are familiar with the painful condition of the first days of menstruation then you must know the techniques of removing all the unpleasant symptoms and, most importantly, ways to overcome unbearable pain.

#1. Take an anti-inflammatory pill.

#2. Avoid certain foods. For example: foods with a large amount of sugar, salt and spices, junk food and saturated fats. Too much alcohol and coffee is not also recommended.

#3. Eat more dark chocolate. It is rich in magnesium. Chocolate is a natural source of endorphins.

#4. Apply heating pads if you experience menstrual cramps.

#5. Be physically active to boost your endorphins.

#6. Orgasms can relieve painful feelings, do not forget this.

#7. Drink more water during your periods.

#8. Try to sleep more. Sleep is very important, so you should sleep for at least 8 hours.

 #9. Drink peppermint, cinnamon or ginger tea during your periods.

#10. An oral contraceptive can reduce pain and relieve your menstruation.

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