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Guys MUST READ: 10 Women Talk About Male Behaviors That Annoy Them!!!

It is usually thought that there is almost nothing a man can do to annoy a woman while there too many things that women do that most men find them annoying. We decided to do some research and to ask women what they find annoying when it comes to men. 

The outcome of the research was pretty surprising, it turns out that there is, in fact, quite a list of things that modern men do to annoy women. We are not sure if they do it on purpose or if they do not even realize it but the result is dire anyhow. Are you ready to go through this list and see if you find it completely accurate or quite the opposite?

No personal opinion So here we go! Many women think that men these days are spineless. They agree with anything a woman says without the will to come up with anything of their own. Well, sounds fair to us, what about you?

Cute when angry Does your significant other find you cute when you get angry? Does that make you even angrier? There you go, you are not the only one!

Persistence Some women think that if a man is very persistent it is very annoying. What do you think?

Touching Some women find too much touching annoying since it is a severe violation of their personal space. Of course if it is your loved one it is one thing but what if it is someone you barely know who wants to touch you all the time? Dear God, no!

Crybaby Crying is acceptable but it does not look cute.

Over sexy Social networks are full of images where guys are trying their best to look cute and sexy. Annoying? Hell yeah!

Too sweet Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. If he constantly compliments you it gets boring at first but then it transforms straight into annoyance, right? So how accurate is this list?


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