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Every woman Should Know about These 5 Hidden Heart Attack Symptoms!!! Girls MUST READ!!!!

Are you sure that you know the heart attack symptoms? You may be surprised after reading this article how strange and untypical they may be, and how it is important to know these hidden signs. 


Most of us think that heart attack is pain in the chest or in the arm, and completely are not aware about other symptoms, as nausea for example. And our organism may send us these alarm signals long before serious and life-threatening attack may occur. But, because we do not know about them, we pay no attention to them, so disease progresses up to the advanced stages, giving for us no chances to survive. Our heart is a unique organ, that works all day long without any rest, even for a second. And when it stops to beat, we die.

Read these hidden signs to prevent a heart attack and save your life.

#1. Low back pain that lasts for a long time may be the only sign of heart infarction, but only an experienced doctor and ECG examination may put correct diagnosis. But how many of us will go with back pain to the cardiologist or family doctor? We’d prefer to take a pill of painkiller and ignore this symptom, the decision, that may be lethal.

#2. Jaw pain. You may be surprised, but a lot of people visit their dentists frequently because of jaw pain, but in fact teeth are healthy, and this pain is just a symptom of the heart disease.

#3. Shortness of breath. If you feel difficulties while walking for a long distance or climbing stairs, it may be not lung problems, but heart attack.

#4. Chest discomfort. The most common symptoms of heart disease are pain and discomfort or pain in your chest. If you feel something like this, do not delay with visit to a doctor.

#5. Abdominal pain and nausea.

If you have upset stomach, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, call your doctor, this may be a sign of a ischemic heart disease and heart infarction.


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