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Do You Know Why Women In China Bound Their Feet?? The Reason Will Surprise You For Sure!!!

This process begins at the early age of the girl somewhere between 4 and 9 year. First they soak the feet in animal blood and then fold the toes over the sole and bound with cotton bandages.

They break the bones on the arch ad toes by force for easy managing and bound tighter and tighter just to achieve the smallest size possible.

At that time it was considered as beauty ideal and necessary in order to get married and have a better life.

But the reason behind the binding it was not the perceived beauty of tiny broken feet. According to the book.

Splendid Slippers: A Thousand Years Of Erotic Tradition written by Beverly Jackson, it was all about attraction.

Having those tiny feet, the women were forced to walk with unique posture and gait. This posture leads to tightening of the muscles in the upper leg, hips and vagina. With the whole body weight constantly carried in her heels the women developed fat thighs for which they looked more attractive to men. Also the muscles of the vagina were tighten to such extent that Chinese men have claimed making love to woman with bound feet was like making love to a virgin every time.

Thus, when watching a woman take her cautious, wobbling steps, the male must have been reminded continually of exquisite sexual delights

In addition these are the photos from a British photographer o Farrell who was taking these photographs for the documentation of dying tradition in China: foot binding.



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