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Parents Went to Ultrasound to Confirm Her Pregnancy but Then the Doctor saw The Monitor and Told them News No Parent Wont To Hear…

Pregnancy and having children are one of the best things parents can experience. Bethany and Tim Webb were an ordinary family who dreamt of having children. But, this story is not just an ordinary family story – not many people have been through what they have experienced.

Tim and Bethany Webb were like all other normal people. They met, fell in love and decided to get married. They had a dream to start a family, but didn’t expect that things will unwind too quickly than expected. They wanted to wait a before they start a family after the wedding. They wanted to wait at least a year. However, soon after, Bethany got pregnant, but they did not mind.

When she went to the doctor for a checkup, they heard news that she hadn’t expected. Every parent hopes to have a happy child and a healthy pregnancy. This is what the couple expected, but the ultrasound showed something more than that. It has been noticed that something different happens to her and her doctor asked if anyone in the family had a multiple birth and discovered that she didn’t. This made the thing more special.

The doctor discovered they won’t have one baby, but twins or triplets. But even that was’t true, the Webbs were expecting quadruplets! The couple was shocked and weren’t ready to receive such information. Bethany and Tim were not planning to have more children. There is a chance of 1 in 729,000 to have naturally born quadruplets! Many couples are getting more babies by artificial insemination, but, these four were conceived naturally! Therefore, they may experience complications.

Pregnancy with multiple babies at the same time may bring complications. Often babies do not get enough resources needed for survival and therefore mothers born less babies than they expected. But wait until you hear the sex of these babies. Bethany had normal and healthy pregnancy. They also learned that all four of them were girls! This means Tim is outnumbered by the female family members in the house! But they did not mind, because they were too excited to meet the little angels.

Not only her pregnancy was normal, but she also had a normal childbirth. Babies were born slightly premature at 33 weeks, but there was no reason for concern. She had a C-section and their babies are healthy and normal. As each baby is born, so the Webbs were shocked how babies look alike. All four babies were completely identical! Not only were shocked by the news that the quadruplets were born, but they were exactly the same! Unbelievable!

They were stunned and could not believe what happened to them. A baby is a miracle, but four is a very amazing thing. This is risky and can be problematic for both babies and the mother. However, they were normal and healthy, just like the mother. Four children can be a very stressful thing. Will they have enough food? Will they have enough space? But despite the stress, the family could not be happier with their little miracles.



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